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Check out our new strategies across various

📈 We are right here with you to celebrate the Ethereum all time highs this week. This will truly be the year of the 0x.

🆕 With no shortage of crops available, Harvest not only automatically farms the highest yields in DeFi, but also serves to be the destination to discover the best and newest farms to use. Today is no different with the introduction of 12 new farms!

💹 Introducing Mirror Finance and real world assets!

💱 Prior to today’s release, we’ve largely remained dedicated to crypto native assets. With the introduction of Mirror Farms, humble farmers everywhere now have the ability to earn yield with synthetic real world assets like Apple, Tesla, and Google. …

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Check out our new high yielding strategies over at our homepage!

👋 Greetings Humble Farmers!

🗓️ This is a landmark week for all of the DeFi farmlands, as we see new entrants in the market such as Mark Cuban and Brian Brooks. Of note, Mark Cuban describes using Aave and Brian Brooks opines a piece for the Financial Times where he mentioned that DeFi is analogous to ‘self-driving banks’. The intersection of finance and automation is upon us, and by using Harvest, humble farmers everywhere are at the bleeding edge of the future of finance.

🧑‍🌾 Because we make it easy and accessible for farmers of all skill levels to partake in this future, we believe Harvest is perfectly situated to become the largest global farming cooperative. …

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Some incredible stats from 2020: $14.8 million in saved gas fees and around $4M in FARM bought back by the protocol

🎉 Welcome to 2021 Humble Farmers!

🤗 As we start the new year, we are welcomed by strong tailwinds and what appears to be the start of a glorious DeFi spring. The farming cooperative is now back after a joy filled festive period, with energetic spirit and optimism for the year ahead.

💰 Cryptocurrencies have once again taken the world by storm and are capturing the imagination of the public. As we go into what is really beginning to look like the 🐂 Year of the Bull, we are reminded of who we are all building for.

🙋 Every day, we see new true believers enter the DeFi space, looking to participate in and learn about this new digital economy. These are the people who greatly benefit from Harvest and all the tools we are building. …

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Chadventures in Snowland is a Harvest Finance and festive themed game that you can now play here. Chad is on a journey to harvest as much 🚜 FARM as possible during the winter months. In ‘Chadventures in Snowland’, you help Chad harvest as much FARM as possible, while avoiding obstacles and collecting airdrops. Chadventures in Snowland was submitted as an entry by Tiernan of Argent to our latest creativity contest. Will you set the high score in this DeFi-themed endless runner?

Dear Humble Farmers,

🎄 We hope you had a great and merry Christmas filled with joy, ♋ 69 and 🌿 420. While 2020 has been a quirky year for many, our farming cooperative is gearing up to provide bountiful yields for 2021, the year of the bull 🐃.

⚙️ As we continue to see the money printer go brrrr, we will do our part to kick off the roaring 20s of crypto by continuing to compound and decentralize our industrial scale cooperative — Harvest will continue to work hard by generating the best yields for its humble farmers.

👪 Since many farmers are busy with spending quality time with their families, we will be keeping this week’s update concise and as digestible as a Christmas Hot Chocolate. …

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Our new festive landing page!

🎅 To Humble Farmers across all of the DeFi lands and world,

🎉 Harvest Finance would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season! Here at Harvest, we aim to do the hardWork so that humble farmers everywhere can take the time to vacation and spend time with their family — a true form of 🌿 420 and ♋ 69.

🎯 As we continue to reflect on all that has happened this year, our mission remains the same: automatically discover and farm the highest yields in DeFi. …

Hello Humble Farmers,

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Our crisp new background for the Harvest Finance Portal

🔮 We are writing from the future. Crypto has become the world’s reserve currency system and the Harvest Cooperative has become one of the world’s largest financial cooperatives. Farmers all over the world are brimming with optimism and enjoying year round record yields. The lands are refreshingly free of bandits and psyops. A culture of 69 and 420 has gone viral and has become the desired aspirational lifestyle of many. Unlike the dystopian outlook of Cyberpunk 2077, Harvest paints a future of abundance and generosity. …

👋 Welcome Farmers to another edition of our weekly update!

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SciFiZephyr’s amazing Gingerbread greenhouse depicting the ingenuity of farmers who continue to create #BreadForThePeople and bountiful yields even in the depths of winter. This was one of the best entries from the last round of our Creativity Contest which was themed ‘Harsh Winter on the Farm’. SciFiZephyr put countless hours of dedicated effort into this elegant and hyperrealistic sculpture.

🧑‍🌾🏘️ Over 15 weeks ago, humble farmers set out on a journey to create the Harvest Cooperative and to easily and automatically farm the highest yields in DeFi.

🌾 In what feels far longer than 15 weeks, the Harvest has come a long way and today marks a new chapter for Harvest with the recent launch of GRAIN. With over 25 pools or strategies available to farmers, Harvest will continue to be Farmer First. Thank you for being a part of the journey!

🌾 Grain Launch and Update

Harvest launched the GRAIN claims portal yesterday. …

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🧑‍🌾🙏 Farmers! The Harvest team thanks you for taking the time to participate in our Creativity Competition, “Surviving a Harsh Winter on the Farm”. Once again, we were astounded by the number of amazing entries that came in.

📈 The quantity and quality of submissions have certainly increased over the past few iterations of the contest. This time around, we had delicious looking cakes, clever digital art, cute dolls, benevolent charity work, catchy songs and many other amazing entries. Judging had never been so difficult and the team struggled to pick only 50 winners out of the hundreds of submissions. Congratulations to all who scooped some $FARM. …

We are delighted to announce our first 2-week challenge in partnership with 88mph. It will run from December 8 to December 22, 2020.

🦾 Challenge

Build the most futuristic use-case combining 88mph’s fixed-yield pools or floating-rate bonds with Harvest’s pools/vaults.

🎁 Prizes

For everyone who enters the Degen challenge, they are eligible for the following prize:
🏆 1st Place — $2,000 in $MPH + $2,000 in $FARM tokens
🥈 2nd Place — $1,000 in $MPH tokens
🥉 3rd Place — $500 in $MPH tokens
4–5th place — $150 in FARM tokens each
6–10th place — $50 in FARM tokens each

⚡️ Get started

This challenge is designed to be a catch-all for your best ideas! …

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We’ve simplified GRAIN claims through an easy-to-use and straightforward UI.

Greetings, Humble Farmers!

♋🌿 We hope you’re having a peaceful weekend accompanied by some 69 and 420.

🚢 Over the last few weeks and weekends, we’ve been shipping updates to the core protocol and forming important partnerships in our mission to continue providing the best yielding opportunities for all our humble farmers. For example, we recently partnered with Badger and APYVision. During this period, Harvest deposits have successfully grown and recovered to over $550m in Total Value Locked.

💶 We are also devoting a significant amount of energy to carve out and build the path forward for reparations to users who were affected by the economic exploit that occurred a few weeks ago. …


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Harvest automatically farms the highest yield available from the latest DeFi protocols.

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