2021- the Year of the Metal Ox — is upon us, and it’s time to re-evaluate how the message of Harvest Finance is being delivered.

Yield farming has exploded in popularity over the last few months, but despite this, it’s still a relatively small niche in the wider cryptosphere. The concepts and processes that enable high APYs are complex and murky, so it’s not always easy for newcomers (or even old-hands) to understand what’s going…

👋 Welcome Farmers to another edition of our weekly update!

SciFiZephyr’s amazing Gingerbread greenhouse depicting the ingenuity of farmers who continue to create #BreadForThePeople and bountiful yields even in the depths of winter. This was one of the best entries from the last round of our Creativity Contest which was themed ‘Harsh Winter on the Farm’. SciFiZephyr put countless hours of dedicated effort into this elegant and hyperrealistic sculpture.

🧑‍🌾🏘️ Over 15 weeks ago, humble farmers set out on a journey to create the Harvest Cooperative and to easily and automatically farm the highest yields in DeFi.

🌾 In what feels far longer than 15 weeks, the Harvest has come a long way and today marks a new chapter…

Harvest Finance

Harvest automatically farms the highest yield available from the latest DeFi protocols.

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